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Our expertise: the underground karstic cave systems. Our goal is to solution your hydrogeological problems in this environment.

We specialised in exploration, surveying, topography, investigation, and surface positionning of underground rivers or sumps in karst.
We work with professionnal cavers and diversand we can go in any kind of cave, shafts, pothole, including flooded passages.

Pascal Orchampt, co-fouder of the firm, built an electro-magnetic underground positionning system which allow us to vertically locate at the surface a beacon at a 300m depth. One of the application is the determination of drill site.

Examples of possible work:

  • Exploration and survey of caves, resurgences, potholes
  • Positioning of underground water systems
    • at shallow or deep depth
    • with an electro-magnetic beacon
    • giving you the position in X-Y and the depth to plan de water drilling
  • Intervention of professional divers
    • Sub aquatic work
    • Natural cavities (siphon, sumps, resurgence)
    • or Artificial (conduits...)
  • Hydrological station
    • surface or underground
    • data-loggers or sensor installation
    • depth, heigh of water...
    • piezometer,
    • current meter,
  • fluoresceine injection for drainage basin,
    • in precise underground places
    • restitution curve with fluorimeter,
  • in situ sample collections
    • water
    • sediments, …
  • intervention in wells