Cave Surveying

We do cave surveying in natural networks (caves and chasms survey) or artificial (quarries, tunnels), difficult to access, or when a total station / theodolite is not suitable.

We work alone or in support of your team of surveyors if necessary, in difficult access areas or complex sites.

Underground topography can take a very long time, according to the difficulties of access and progression, the required accuracy, the desired level of detail and the end use. Depending on the conditions and the level of detail, we can survey between 200m and 2000m of underground galleries per day.

Topo 3D de grotte
les sections de la galerie principale ont été déportées
NOT Engineers

That is why we will define together the different element to establish for the quotation.

  • Topography of underground places
    • Surveying and mapping of caves, underground quarries
    • Gallery and small diameter conduits
    • Access guarding, rope descent on
    • 2D / 3D surveying
    • High resolution 3D scanning of caves for 3D modeling
    • Underground positioning relative to the surface of caves (up to 300m deep with our electromagnetic radiolocation beacon)
  • Mapping
    • Landslides, pillars, arches
    • Presence of water, sediment, fracturing
    • Stratigraphic section
    • Scanned data, rendering GIS, integration of georeferenced layers,


Vue carrière 3D en coupe
Le bonhomme (au bout de la flèche) donne l’échelle. Pour des carrières si vastes, où le sol est recouvert de déblais d’exploitation, certaines informations (fracturation, pendages) se voient au plafond, qui est haut et invisible. Notre modèle permet de prendre ces mesures.
NOT Engineers
View of a very simple 3D model of a cave
The gallery represented here is 500m long. Data were taken with a handheld laser survey equipment
Planimetric map of a mine over a cadastral plan
(note: data have been altered for confidentiality)

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